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Every Wolf's Howl - Freehand Books 2012

"Most of what follows is true. A little of it is invention. I believe we construct the narrative of our lives out of an amalgam of fact and fiction; memory manipulates events to fit the pattern of our perceptions, and the objective truth of the things that happen to us is filtered through our subjective interpretations. We order our lives like stories to give them form and allow ourselves to make some kind of sense out of them.

"Most of the events in this book happened the way they’re described. A few of them probably didn’t. I have taken some liberties with omissions or shortcuts. There was an actual Lupus, an actual Mingus. There are and were the people who appear so anonymously in this book. And all of us continue to live within the same ambiguous society, a society negotiating various ideological detours on the way towards some kind of
purposeful civilization.

"Our lives ramble much more than stories. And this is just a story. Pretty much all of it happened, though. A little of it probably didn’t."

Celine Dion: A New Day Dawns - co-author Jim Brown
Fox Music Books 2004. Adapted into the CBC Television Movie - Celine - 2008

"As she told the Vancouver Province in 1990, 'my big dream was to be known everywhere in the world. But it's just a dream. I'm known in Quebec, I'm known in France a little bit, but to sing in English means starting my career all over again. It doesn't matter that I've been known in Quebec for nine years.' Miraculously, her dreams have come true, in part because of true talent, in part because of hard work, in part because of her good will, in part because of circumstance."

Celine Dion: Falling Into You - Quarry Music Books 1997

"Her name is Celine Dion. Her remarkable four-to-five-octave voice -- theatrical, acrobatic, rich, evocative, powerful -- can interpret the quiet cul-de-sac of a sensuous ballad, take a left downtown where pulsating, primal rock hangs out, then, just as easily, negotiate the rich human slums where blues has traditionally cried itself out of the womb. And she can do it in two languages, in French and in English, blending the two distinct cultures these languages reflect, yet respecting their unique character."

Ironic: Alanis Morissette, The Story - Quarry Music Books 1997

"By the time Alanis Morissette appeared on stage to perform her song Ironic at the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Juno Awards at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario, on March 10, 1996, there was in the crowd an air of anti-climax . . . . The first Canadian woman to top the icononographic Billboard charts was back home to pick up the industry hardware of her musical homeland. Anti-climactic too because she had already won four Grammy Awards just a few weeks earlier and Canadians just can't quite get over their tendency to be mystified when a fellow citizen finds a place in the sun outside the shade cast by that gian cultural Galacticus known as the United States. Nor can they get over the pout which inevitably follows their surprise, the one which considers it naughty to get too big for your britches."

Snowbird: The Story of Anne Murray - Quarry Press 1996

"Springhill might just as well be on the other side of the universe from cities like Toronto or Las Vegas or New York. And perhaps it would be, if not for its common bond with those larger centers -- Anne Murray. Due to the careless intricacies of fate, the pop superstar who is a Canadian household name, who has sold millions and millions of records, was born in and belongs to Springhill, Nova Scotia. It is here that she was raised, attended school, and grew up. It is here from which all that Anne Murray has so far become enjoyed its relatively humble beginnings. And it is here to which she sometiems returns when schedule and her own priorities permit.

The Winning Ticket - Outcrops: Northeastern Ontario Short Stories, edited by Laurence Steven - Your Scrivener Press
A Game With Adonis - Great Canadian Sports Stories, edited by George Bowering - Oberon Press
A Game With Adonis - '78 Best Canadian Stories, edited by John Metcalf & Clark Blaise - Oberon Press

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